+ Pilates

Develop your core abdominal and back strength by working from the inside out, focusing on flexibility, endurance, and posture, without building bulk or stressing joints. Level varies depending on class.

Instructors: June Dunne, Kimberly Motter-McCaffrey, Sarah Ramsay, and Dana Rossignol.

+ Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a Vinyasa or flowing style of yoga, focusing on core strength, balance, and flow. It’s a powerful, energetic form of yoga where you fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting your breathing to the movements. Each session incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, and physical and mental stamina.

Taught by Kiira Harvey and Val Berezin.

+ Sunrise Yoga Flow

Start your day with increased flexibility, strength, mental clarity and overall energy with this morning flow class. Greet the new day with sun salutations, lunges, twists and core work. This well-rounded practice is a fantastic way to begin a new day. All levels invited!

Taught by Daniela Kulik.

+ Wellness Yoga

Chronic back problems or other past injury? Wellness yoga will be your oasis! The sequence of the class is designed to gently lengthen and strengthen your spine, increase core stability, and increase flexibility in your back, hips and legs. All levels.

Taught by Daniela Kulik.

+ Yoga Flow

Join a classic yoga flow to break up your endurance workouts. This yoga class links the breath and the mind with movement. You will build strength and flexibility, reduce tension and stress in the body, and focus and calm the mind to bring clarity to your life. Those new to yoga, as well as those experienced in their practice, are welcome.

Instructors: June Dunne, Jessica Gutstein, Daniela Kulik, and Kristen Power.

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