Strength Classes

+ Bodyweight Bootcamp

This interval class is a full body workout mixed with cardio bursts that will increase your heart rate and strengthen your entire body. Includes techniques such as cardiovascular work, strength work and plyometrics. Different class structure each week. All levels.

Taught by Kiira Harvey.

+ Body Conditioning

A high intensity, high impact, total body workout combining cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Offered twice a week in two different workout formats to achieve maximum fat burning results.

Taught by Barbara Bergeron.

+ Power Pump

An energetic and challenging mix of individual and compound muscle group exercises targeting the upper body, lower body and core. Instructor leads participants through combinations of moves that will build lean muscle mass, improve muscular coordination, and boost metabolic burn. All levels welcome.

Taught by Caroline Blonski and Deb Zimmerman.

+ Quick Core

Work on the most foundational place of your workout routine: your core! This 45 minute class focuses on the abs and back. Body weight and light weights and bands may be used to achieve optimal results.

Taught by Kiira Harvey and Rose Bradley.

+ Shape Your Body!

A dynamic interval mix of strength and cardio for both immediate and long-term benefits. Full body workout. Beginner/Intermediate.

Taught by Deb Zimmerman.

+ Strength and Toning

Use light weights, bands and body weight to improve balance, strengthen and tone. Modifications to exercises demonstrated to accommodate all levels. Start where you're at!

Instructors: Barbara Bergeron and Dana Rossignol.


Our TRX suspension class offers a full-body challenge. TRX is a total body workout system that leverages gravity and body weight to perform a variety of exercises. This workout routine develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability—all essential for a healthier lifestyle. By varying your body movements while in a suspended position, you control how challenging the workout will be.

Instructors: Jeanie Rocco and Holly Moccia.

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