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Sarah Ramsay


Sarah originally became interested in pilates after her pregnancy, when she was looking to regain core strength, as well as build longer, leaner muscles, enhance my compromised alignment, and focus on developing mind-body awareness.

After years of commitment, she restored these facets of health through devoted mind body work in Diane Attenborough’s pilates classes, as well as other phenomenal exercise classes at Thrive, and with the support of childcare and staff at Thrive.

Thereafter she began a new career path in becoming a STOTT Pilates instructor. Through Northeast Pilates in Manchester-by-the-Sea, an award winning licensed training center, she begin an intensive instructor training program, and at the end received her Matwork certification. All of this was enhanced by her Master's in Education, dance background and continuous work toward mind body health.

Sarah constantly strives to find ways to help people reach personal goals toward health. Pilates is a foundation to all exercise; building core strength, pelvic and scapula stabilization, long lean muscles, body alignment, posture and flexibility.

Pilates is for everyone; those returning from rehabilitation, beginners, to elite athletes. Come try a Pilates class, a semi- private or private session. Sarah will work with you to create a body that feels aligned, lengthened, toned, flexible, stabilized and mobilized, with renewed mindbody awareness and energy!