Personal & Group Training

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Individual Training


Single one-hour session: $70 / session
5 one-hour sessions:
$65 / session
10 one-hour sessions:
$60 / session

Non-members add $10.00 per hour to rates.

How Does Individual Training work?

Our expert trainers work with women of all ages and fitness levels. In addition, our trainers have the education, certifications and experience working with cardiac rehab patients, rehab & recovery, and the significantly obese, as well as Couch-to-5K and triathlon preparation. 

Our team can work with your physician or physical therapist to orient you into the gym and create an individualized program to ensure successful recovery or goal achievement.

Get results fast with customized programs, individual attention & accountability. Use the best equipment, from kettlebells to TRX!

Meet Our Trainers:
Caroline BlonskiKiira HarveyHolly MocciaDana RossignolDebbie ZimmermanAmy Scribner

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Small Group Training


Small Group Training

Enjoy the benefit of personal training at an affordable rate and work with other women in a small setting. Train your way to a new fitness level! You will get a full body workout using the techniques of interval training for the most efficient and effective workout!

Learn to Lift: Women & Weights

Learn the basics of lifting to build strength, add lean muscle mass, burn more calories throughout the day, and get fast results to the strongest version of you! In-depth coverage on the proper form for squat, deadlift, and chest-press.

10 week session for $99 in small group environment, so you get the attention you need.

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Kettlebell Training

Some of the benefits of training with kettlebells include full-body conditioning, the ability to work aerobically and anaerobically simultaneously (providing BIG results), and increased strength without increase of mass. Kettlebell exercisers are lean and toned, not bulky, and burn major calories, around 1200 per hour!


TRX Training

Suspension training allows your bodyweight and balance to carve incredible results in a small amount of time. Our 30 minute classes allow for powerful results in a very economic way!

Sign up for one of our TRX training classes (Limited to 4 people per class).

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