Leila Hanna


Leila been teaching fitness classes for over 10 years since she took her first of many certification classes at 42 (definitely the oldest student in the class!).

Leila teaches exclusively at Thrive because she loves the atmosphere, the members, and the instructors. She currently teach Intervals (which is a mix of aerobic songs and styles) on, but you'll also see her as a substitute teacher or participant in other classes whenever she gets the chance.

“My goal is to have fun while working out, and that's what I encourage members to do as well. I often laugh at myself when the moves are difficult, or dance-y, or require balance (!) because, let's face it, we have to exercise so we may as well enjoy it! In my classes, I play very upbeat music and use fun but challenging moves choreographed to the beat. I provide options for greater and lesser intensity throughout the class so both beginner and advanced participants can enjoy the class while getting the workout they want.”