Julia McPhee


I moved to Exeter over three years ago with a background in athletics and a spin certification.

As a "stay at home mom" at the time, I was eager to continue teaching so I decided to stop by THRiVE to see if they were looking for instructors. Cindy and Paula were so welcoming and supportive! Cindy immediately incorporated me into the cycle teaching rotation and my youngest son joined the childcare room.

I continue to teach cycle classes on Saturdays and enjoy the warm, supportive environment at THRiVE. Every member is there to do their best and achieve their goals. It is a judgement free, fun and supportive environment.

The goal for my classes is for every individual to challenge themselves and leave feeling like they worked their hardest. My fitness tip is to establish a routine based on what works for you! Do you enjoy working out in the mornings, lunchtime or afternoon? What forms of exercise leave you the happiest and most rejuvenated? Set realistic goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them!

My final tip is to have a positive mindset when approaching exercise - tell yourself you CAN and you WILL. Remember, you can always do more than you think you can!