Holly Moccia

Instructor, Personal Trainer

Holly Moccia has been Thrive since 2016, and loves the welcoming culture at the women’s fitness club. “As soon as I walk in the door it feels like family,” she says. “The members and staff are all wonderful people.”

The Newmarket resident became a personal trainer in 2012, due to her desire to help people attain their goals and live a healthy life. “I knew that I had personally benefitted tremendously in my life from exercise and wanted to share that with others,” says Holly.

Exercise and fitness in Holly’s own life has included competing in a figure competition in 2015, as well as physique challenges. In addition to working with clients in a personal training setting, Holly teaches TRX small group classes, Functional Fitness, and served as a trainer for Thrive’s Heart Rate Weight Loss Challenge. She has also been a functional coach since 2012.

Holly stresses to her clients that they can always do more than they think they can. “Mind over matter,” she says. “I believe anyone can work towards being better than they were yesterday, no matter what age.”

When she begins working with a new client, Holly encourages them to celebrate the journey. “You can this. Your only competition should be you,” she says. “Keep working little by little every day and you will see results. Patience and persistence is key.”