Cycle Classes


This Cycle-Barre combo class is a full body, low impact workout that will get your heart pumping. We will start on the bike for an intense, 25 minute ride. Then, you will come to the mat/barre for strengthening and toning with lightweights. 

Taught by Amanda Newbury.


55 minutes of body sculpting, fat melting fun is what you get in this incredible class! Cardio, strength, and conditioning in one class! Start on the bike for cycle.  Then transition to the TRX for strength and conditioning. Have fun, and get drenched workin’ it out!

Taught by Pamela Hollasch.


Take your riding experience inside for a motivating, calorie burning, fun, group ride to fantastic playlists! Intensity is up to you, take it up to the max or enjoy a steady ride. Classes run 30, 45 or 55 minutes.

Instructors: Rebecca MacDougall, Rose Bradley, Pamela Hollasch, and Melanie Riley.

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