7 Reasons to Wrap Up Your Workout with Infrared

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At THRiVE, we have two infrared saunas, which any member can use at no added cost. Yet not all members actually take us up on the perk! Why, we wonder, when there are so many benefits to using one?

Maybe we haven’t mentioned recently how amazing these saunas are for your health. So in case we forgot, here are 7 reasons to consider wrapping up your regular workout with just 15-20 minutes under the infrared!

1 - It can help you sleep better.

Health experts argue over whether exercising before going to bed is good for your sleep; but for many people, it’s the only time of day to do it!

If exercising tends to wind you up instead of wear you out, the infrared sauna can help you combat that. Infrared saunas’ heat both invigorates deep tissues, helping you to purge toxins, and works therapeutically, relaxing your body before you hit the hay.

2 - It aids in anti-aging effects and skin purification.

There are multiple levels of infrared, including near and far. Both are active inside the infrared saunas at THRiVE.

The “near” infrared is the most effective wavelength for healing the dermis layers of the skin. These are the layers deep underneath the layer of skin we see. When you work to heal these layers, it’s similar to caring for the roots of a tree. If the roots are healthy, so is the tree. If your dermis layers are healthy, so becomes the rest of your skin!

3 - It can help you lose weight.

Not everyone’s health is best served by weight loss, but for some, this will be an added incentive to try infrared!

Studies have shown that just 30 minutes in an infrared sauna can help a person burn over 700 calories just sitting still! The warmth of the sauna invigorates the body’s natural cooling system, which increases the metabolism, which burns calories. Pretty neat!

4 - It can ease joint pain.

Infrared waves penetrate tissue, joints, and muscles, which allows them to help relieve anything from post-workout aches to chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and arthritis. This can be particularly beneficial for those who struggle for relief during the cold winter months!

5 - It promotes cellular health.

Ever met someone who just seemed to glow? That person was probably healthy at the cellular level. Infrared can help you with that!

“Near” infrared heat stimulates your circulatory system, helping to more fully oxygenate your body’s cells. The healthier your circulatory system, the faster toxins are “swept” out of your body, improving your acute awareness and boosting your immune health!

6 - It’s a painless way to detox.

Good-bye, apricot scrubs and hovering over a bowl of steaming water with a towel over your head. You can actually take a book (or audio-book) into the infrared sauna, and get the easiest, most painless detox of your life!

There’s a reason we feel good when we sweat—it’s because it’s our bodies’ natural way of pushing literally out of the body through our pores. After a few minutes in the sauna, hop in the shower and rinse those toxins down the drain.

7 - It really is included in your membership.

We just had to throw this last one in here. We could have gone on with other reasons to use our saunas—like lowering your blood pressure or healing up bruises and cuts faster—but we need to remind you that if you’re a member at THRiVE, you can use a sauna any time it’s available.

Ask one of our staffers how to use them if you’ve never tried it before. They’re pretty simple, and the benefits are so innumerable, you’ll be sad if you never give one of our saunas a go!

As with any health insight provided online, nothing we publish is a substitute for talking with your primary care doctor. If you may have any conditions that would preclude you from receiving only benefits from an infrared sauna, talk with your physician before using one.

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