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+ Barre

Get a graceful, powerful workout! Barre combines high-energy, low-impact, and fat-burning exercises based on elements of pilates, ballet and athletic conditioning. These exercises combined create an awareness and appreciation for beautiful, mindful and smart movement.

Instructors: Kelley Atlee, Amanda Newbury, Lauren Haney, and Robyn Pagluica.

+ Barre Fusion

Take your yoga practice to a new level with Barre Fusion! Class is a dynamic blend of yoga and barre, synergistically fused together to create strength and balance in the body. This total body workout combines yoga postures with fundamental barre movements to tone and lengthen muscles while increasing flexibility within the body. This breath-focused Vinyasa flow class will energize the body and quiet the mind.

Taught by Jessica Gutstein.

+ bike to barre

This Cycle-Barre combo class is a full body, low impact workout that will get your heart pumping. We will start on the bike for an intense, 25 minute ride. Then, you will come to the mat/barre for strengthening and toning with lightweights. 

Taught by Amanda Newbury.

+ cardio Barre

High energy, full body workout that includes cardio moves, and lightweights at the barre. This workout will tone and lengthen while getting your heart rate up! All levels welcome.

Taught by Amanda Newbury.

+ hiits at the Barre

Endurance, BARRE, and mat intervals come together in this new and efficient format designed for results. All levels welcome.

Taught by Dana Rossignol.

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