Amy Scribner


Amy Scribner’s passion for and approach to overall health and functional movement has brought her from a Classical Pilates instructor to a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. She studied with Pilates Sports Center, out of Los Angeles, CA. as well as the Pilates Method Alliance.

Amy trained in Boston with ACCEPT School of Personal Training and Corrective Exercise. Her fascination for the mechanics of the human body inspired her to continue her training in Functional Movement Systems. She takes a therapeutic approach to mobility and stabilization; focusing on a balance of strengthening and lengthening muscle groups to reintroduce symmetry and alignment in the body, while sculpting and toning.

As Amy’s career in health and fitness progressed, she realized that her role goes beyond the training room. Lifestyle change, and accountability are a necessity. A shift in belief systems is a universal struggle; whether it is body image or, career confidence. Guiding and coaching is the missing piece for many. It has been a missing link for several of her clients, and others, outside of the training room.