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  SUCCESS STORIES, YOUR STORY CAN BE HERE TOO! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The  challenge results are in! Here are some of the stories!  

  Joining Thrive has been a life changing experience and I am truly grateful to you all for getting us in to the Challenge at the last minute.  Cynthia and I  had no idea what a gold mine we were walking into!  
At our first meeting our trainer asked what our goals were : Mine was to run in a race without people saying, "Awwwww.  Look at her.  She's trying so hard!"  I also wanted a better wardrobe too.

  On February 1st when I first made the commitment to myself to lose weight I was a size 20 and would wear whatever clothes fit and did not feel like my style represented me at all.  I did not like any of my clothes or the way they looked on me.  I hated clothes shopping!  I started on weight watchers but was still only down to a size 18 when I started with my trainer and diet coach.  I had lost weight but my shape had not changed enough to be in much smaller clothes!   After working with trainer & diet coach, I am happy to say that I went shopping last week for my trip to Spain and I was able to buy capris in a SIZE 14!!!  And I'm going to keep going down!! 

The difference that I have seen in Thrive from another gym is that I really feel a part of a community.  I end up talking with people at the end of class and we make the commitment to see each other next week!  The childcare is fantastic and they really know my kids.  I don't feel guilty leaving my kids in a room with people that don't know them at all!

Kyler R-B Kyler was our winner for the Couples Challenge. She  lost 15 pounds, 13 1/2 inches and  3.5% body fat in just 6 weeks!!

I just finished the 6-week extreme makeover challenge at Thrive for Women in Exeter and was very impressed with every part of this program.  The fitness center has a very comfortable atmosphere and all of the staff is extremely knowledgeable and welcoming.  My workout partner and I were fortunate enough to have  a great trainer  through this 6 -week program.   She tailored our program to fit each of our individual needs while we were working out together.  She pushed us to our fullest potential while making the workouts fun.  She switched up our workouts each time so there was always something new and fun to look forward to.  Our trainer  is a great motivator who explains each exercise in ways that anybody can understand.  She would not let us continue with an exercise unless we were doing it perfectly so we would get the maximum benefit from it and not injure ourselves by doing it incorrectly.  At the end of each workout, we enjoyed the infrared sauna and the hydromassage in the locker room.  We left Thrive each day feeling relaxed, refreshed, healthy and happy. I I look forward to spending much more time at Thrive and to continuing my workouts with A.J. 

 -Sarah D

I felt that my trainer did a WONDERFUL job training us.  When I asked she sent me a workout to do on my own.  She was also really encouraging.  For instance my buddy and I planned on going to her spin class before our meeting, and I arrived too late and there weren't any bikes left.  So after we trained together she held a mini spin class for me - I felt like her workouts were an important aspect to my success.   My trainers workouts were simple, easy to follow but really effective.   Our diet coach did a great job as well.  I really, really appreciated how kind and encouraging she was.  I never felt judged or like I was disappointing her, and that made it easier to keep up with my journal.  She also had us set weekly goals for ourselves which helped keep me accountable, and I really liked that she sent us recipes to try.  Her advice was simple to follow, and when I would experience a set back she would be supportive and very willing to help me strategize how to do things differently next time.  I learned a lot, and felt empowered to make small, lasting changes, which felt more do-able than overhauling my entire lifestyle overnight. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who asks.  I'm so encouraged by my results, and appreciated that you worked with me to set up a payment plan.  I was hesitant at first to sign up, but I am SO GLAD that I did.  It was some of the best money I have spent in a while. In summary, I have really enjoyed being a member of Thrive.  I'm so happy to have found a supportive environment where I feel empowered to reach my weight loss and fitness goals!  Thank you!    - Margaret

I had such a fantastic experience with the 6 week makeover challenge.  Sarah and I absolutely loved our trainer!  She had us work harder than we ever had before and constantly kept us motivated and driven with her creative exercise programs!  She also gave us great advice and recipes and ideas on how to keep it going after the 6 weeks were over.  I can’t believe the change in my body in only 6 weeks.  Thank you for all the laughs and the sweat-- you guys are awesome!  I loved all of the different techniques and exercises that you taught our trainer taught us over the 6 weeks- especially the kettle bells.  I was so stuck in an exercise rut before and only did the few things that I knew how to do.  Now I feel like I have so many options to get in a really good workout whenever I go to the gym.  It’s not like I’m just putting my time in now. You were so available as well, which was so important.  The e-mails you sent with the exercises and extra ab workouts were really helpful.  And you really seemed to care about us and understood my situation- where I’m stressed and have no time for myself.  It was like a therapy session every time we worked out! For me, I needed to tone up and get motivated to change out of my normal fitness routine.  It was the PERFECT time of year.  Right when you want to start wearing shorts and tank tops and God forbid a bathing suit!  I wanted to feel more confident about my body and that’s exactly what this program did for me. 

Everyone at elements is so knowledgeable and supportive.  It’s the best gym- hands down- that I’ve ever been a member of.  Thanks ladies!            Jodi S

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